Located just outside the town of Paonia in Colorado’s North Fork Valley, we are in our 20th year of working with the land.

The majority of those years have been dedicated to building a full-spectrum, living organism farm that began with 16 acres of pasture and big dreams. It has been an amazing learning experience to get where we are today, and as the farm grew and succeeded we grew as well. Through application and observation, we see everyday that an emphasis on Regenerative Agricultural Practices leads to an undeniable positive impact on the farm ecosystem.

In 2016 we decided to scale up the production of our farm-crafted soil building inputs and give other growers direct access to them.

The motivation behind our decision was to offer unique products not typically found on “Grow Store” shelves. It seemed every store sold a multitude of “silver bullet” nutrients, flavor enhancers, and remedies making wild claims that contradict science and sustainability. We were confident that with our many years of hands-on experience that we could offer a line of products that are authentic, effective, and beyond organic. Rootwise Soil Dynamics was born and another facet of our farm’s diversity with it!

Our approach is simple. Biology, Compost, Worms, and Experience dominate our philosophy and product offerings. Incorporating them into your cultivation program contributes to establishing the biological processes that contribute to fertility, soil structure, and overall crop health.

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Rootwise Soil Dynamics
P.O. Box 1092
Paonia, Colorado 81428



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